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  This East Mediterranean tour starts every week Year round!!!

  A 35 days Tour in the countries: In Greece, Turkey,  Israel the Holyland, The Wonder of Petra in Jordan and  Egypt of the Pyrmaids & the Nile cruise.

Visit the old world of the  Bible  the  Greek Mythology, ancient Egypetn, the Byzantine Empire and the historic Worlds Wonders among the colorful lively  Mediterranean  culture.
a unique journey in the history learning seeing touching and  feeling the Bible time.
The Tour starts in Athens on Sunday every week throughout the year. Ending after 35 days  in Istanbul there are many optinal change on the way to skip part or to add some rest time in the city or resorts.

the tour fitts to those that realy wont to learn & see the history in there eyes, learn it from the best locale guides and hear & smell the real Mediterranean.

Tour Route & Highlights    
              Athens, Acropolis, Aegina,Poros,Hydra, Olympia,Delphi,Kalambaka,  Meteora,   Tel Aviv,  Dead Sea, Jerusalem, Biat shean,Jordan River, Sea of Galilee, Cfarnaum, Golan heights, upper Galiee,Nazareth,kafar Cana , Akko, Carmel  Ceasarea, Eilat, Red Sea, Petra, Mt. Sinai, Sharm el Sheikh, Nile Cruise from  Luxor to Aswan,  Cairo,  the great Pyramids in Giza,  instanbul, Ankara, Cappadocia, Kaymakli, Visit instanbul, Ankara, Cappadocia, Kaymakli, Pamukkal,Konya, Kusadasi, Ephesus, Izmir, Bosphorus, Troy, Gallipoly  and many other historic and holy  sites on the way.

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Athens, Greece
Arriving to the airport transfer to the hotel in Athens for overnight

Athens & Acropolis – City Tour
After breakfast pick up from the hotel lobby and drive for a visit of the Acropolis and the rest of the city highlights after noon in leisure.

after breakfast drive to the port for your day cruise to the Saronic Islands of Aegina, Poros and Hydra. Lunch is included. by the evening you will get back to your hotel

Athens- Olympia
After breakfast board the comfortable tourist bus drive for the Corinth Canal visit Epidaurus and Nauplion, then drive to Mycenae and visit the Archaeological Site and Tomb of Agamemnon. on going to Olympia for overnight in a locale hotel.

After breakfast we will Visit the Archaeological Site of Olympian Zeus, the Ancient Stadium and the Archaeological Museum. Then we will drive to Delphi, for overnight.

After breakfast we will tour the Archaeological Site and Museum of Delphi. Then drive for Kalambaka for overnight

after breakfast Visit Meteora the ageless monasteries and speciments of Byzantine art. then we will drive back to Athens for overnight.


Athens -Tel Aviv
breakfast Transfer to the airport for a short flight to Israel. Upon arrival to airport meet our representative and transfer to hotel in Tel Aviv for rest and overnight.

Tel Aviv – Beersheva – Arad – Massada – Jerusalem
Drive to Beersheba for a visit in the Negev capital and Abraham’s well. Drive to Massada The Mountain which was the last stronghold of the Jewish Zealots in their war against the Romans. Ascend by cable car to the fortress, Visit the excavations, Herod’s palaces, the synagogue, bathhouse, etc. Enjoy the breathtaking view of the Roman camps and the Dead Sea.
Descend to the Dead Sea the lowest place on earth. Take a break near Ein Gedi for a Swim or float in the salty minerals water and the aromatic mad.
Proceed to Jerusalem for overnight.

Jerusalem – sightseeing of the new city
Start the morning in Jerusalem in Mt. Scopus panoramic view of Jerusalem.
Then to the Garden of Gethsemane and Church of the Agony.
Visit the tomb of King David on Mt. Zion, the Room of the Last Supper and Dormition Abbey. Visit the Israel Museum’s Shrine of the Book with the famous Dead Sea scrolls, Drive by the Supreme Court bldg. & Mt. Herzl.
visit in “Yad Vashem” (the memorial for the millions who were killed in the Holocaust). visit the model of the Herodian city of Jerusalem dating back to the time of the Second Temple. Afternoon visit of the Hadassah medical center in the synagogue with Marc Chagall stained glass windows, then drive through the old village of Ein Karem (the birth place of John the Baptist) to the Hotel for overnight.

Jerusalem (Old City) and Bethlehem*
Walk through one of the Gates to the walled Old City: the renewed Jewish Quarter;
visit the Temple area, the last standing Western Wall known as the Wailling wall, walk the Via Dolorosa, and the Church of the Holy Sepulcher. Walk out of the old city of Jerusalem via the colorful bazaars; and drive to Bethlehem* to visit Rachel Tomb and the Church of the Nativity and return to Jerusalem for overnight.

Jericho* – Jordan river – Tiberius – Galilee
Leave Jerusalem, driving via Bethany and Jericho*, the oldest city in the world. continue northward via Jordan Valley and the new settlements to Beit Shean. After a short visit stop in Yardenit when you can walk into the Jordan river , proceed to Tiberius the old center of Jewish learning. Drive along the shores of the Sea of Galilee to Capernaum to visit the ruins of the ancient synagogue. Continue to a Kibbutz hotel for overnight.

Upper Galilee – Golan Heights – Nazareth
Drive to the Golan Heights. Visit the former Syrian fortifications, Birkat Ram, and the Druze villages, Via Banias, source of the Jordan River. Proceed via Kiryat Shmone and the Hula Valley to Safed, city of the Kabala, to visit synagogue and the artists colony and then to Nazareth to visit the Christian Holy Sites. Return to the Kibbutz hotel for overnight.

Acre – Haifa -Carmel – Eilat
After Breakfast drive west to Acre for a visit of the old, famous Crusader stronghold and medieval fortifications. Continue to Haifa, sightseeing tour of Haifa, including the Bahai Shrine, Persian Garden and Mount Carmel for a panoramic view of the city. Proceed southwards to Caesarea to visit the Roman theater and the Crusader fortress. Continue south for a short city tour of Tel Aviv-Jaffa overnight.

Jerusalem -Jerash – Amman
Drive from Tel Aviv to the Jordanian border at Sheikh Hussein bridge. Thence to Jerash known as the city of 1000 columns The town is known for the remains of the Greco-Roman city of Gerasa, considered one of the best preserved Roman cities. Wander among the original temples, theaters, plazas, paths and colonnaded streets, all enclosed within the remaining old city walls. After drive to the Jordanian capital Amman built on the old Roman city of Philadelphia. During the city tour we shall see the ancient citadel and the theatre; pass by King Hussein Palace, where the late king is buried; the traditional markets and the beautiful houses of Abdoun. Overnight at the hotel.

Amman – Petra
After early breakfast, leave for. Petra (=rock) an archaeological city known for its rock cut architecture and water conduits system. Established around the 3rd century BCE as the capital city of the Nabataeans, it is a symbol of Jordan and has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site and recently was chosen to be one of the Seven Wonders of the World. It is also known as the “Red Rock City” because of the color of its rocks. (you can rent a carriage for all the tour ) Our visit will begin with 700 m. ride or walk to the impressive eastern entrance that leads us on foot or carriage 400 m.down through the Siq, a narrow gorge at the end of which we behold Petra’s most spectacular tomb Al Khazneh – theThresury hewn into the rose colored sandstone cliff. A little further down, is a massive theatre, so placed as to bring the greatest number of tombs obelisks and altars within view. At the point where the valley opens out into the plain, the site of the city is revealed with striking effect. If you like you can climb 900 stairs up the mountain to the Monastery on the top overlooking the Arrava valley . (about 40 minutes each way optional donkey ride ) overnight in a near by hotel .

Petra – Eilat
Drive to the red sea for Aqaba or Eilat to cross to Taba Egypt and leisure by the red Sea
Optional: extra day in Jordan for a Jeep tour in Wadi Ram, to wadi Mussa (=Moses), the village of by Petra for overnight.
Optional drive back to Amman via mount Nebo & Madaba to catch a flight to Cairo

Taba – Sharm el Sheikh
After breakfast drive via Sinai & under the Suez canal to Cairo
optional visit Mount Sinai and St. Catherine’s Monastery in mount siani & flight to the Cruise or to Cairo

Sharm el Sheikh – Luxor
After breakfast flight to Luxor and transfer to a 5 stars Nile Cruise. Lunch on ship. In the afternoon visit the temple complexes at Karnak and Luxor. a vast open air museum of ruined temples, chapels, pylons, and other buildings, notably the Great Temple of Amen. Dinner and overnight on cruise boat.
We are using luxury Nile cruise boats,operating on European standards that have acquired an excellent eputation with our travelers. Our staff are available throughout the cruise and will guide you on the land tours.

Luxor – Esna – Edfu
Immediately opposite Luxor, across the River Nile, lie the monuments, temples and tombs of the Theban Necropolis, which includes the Valley of the Kingsand Valley of the Queens. The archeological remains of Thebes offer a striking testimony to Egyptian civilization at its height. Among others we shall view the Mortuary Temple of Queen Hatshepsut, a famous female Pharaoh who during her 22 year long reign became known for her extensive expeditions and fostering of trade relations. From Luxor we sail to Esna. Two barrage bridges straddle theNile at this point: one built by the British in 1906, and the “Electricity Bridge” built in the 1990s. If time permits we will visit the temple of Esna and the market of Esna. Our boat will negotiate its way through the lock system and sail on the Nile to Edfu for overnight.

Edfu – Kom Ombo – Aswan
Edfu is known for the major Ptolemaic temple, built between 237 BCE and 57 BCE. The Temple of Horus also known as Apollonopolis Magna, after the chief god Horus-Apollo, is the second largest temple in Egypt after Karnak and one of the best preserved. The inscriptions on its walls provide important information on language, myth, and religion during the Greco-Roman period in ancient Egypt.
We continue our sail on the Nile to the town of Kom Ombo to visit the Temple of Kom Ombo, an unusual double temple built during the Ptolemaic dynasty. The building is unique because everything is perfectly symmetrical along the main axis and there were courts, halls, sanctuaries and rooms duplicated for two sets of gods. The southern half of the temple was dedicated to the crocodile god Sobek, god of fertility and creator of the world. The northern part of the temple was dedicated to the falcon god Horus the Elder, A few of the three-hundred crocodile mummies discovered in the vicinity are displayed inside the temple.Sail on the Nile to Aswan for overnight.

The busy market town Aswan stands on the east bank of the Nile at the first cataract. In antiquity the city of Swenet, was Egypt’s southern frontier town. It is one of the driest inhabited places in the world; as on January 2011 the last rainfall was a thunderstorm on May, 2006. In surrounding Nubian settlements, they generally do not bother to roof all the rooms in their houses.
Visit to the Aswan High Dam is truly spectacular. It is one of the largest dams ever built and formed the Nasser Lake.Then sail on a Felucca, the traditional wooden sailing boat that has plied the Nile for thousands of years, to enjoy a quiet and calm view of the regions Botanical Gardens. Return to the Nile cruise boat for overnight.

Aswan – Cairo
After breakfast, disembark and at leisure in Aswan evening travel by a Sleeper Train to Cairo. Dinner and breakfast on Train.
Optional: Abu Simble Tour to the preserved Great Temple of Abu Simbel – rescued by UNESCO from the rising waters of the Dam. Abu Simbel Great Temple was preserved by relocating 22 monuments and architectural complexes to the shores of Lake Nasser. Other monuments were relocated to countries that helped with the rescue works. The best way to get to Abu Simbel is by 45 minutes flight with a Boeing or by tour bus that takes 3+ hours each way.

Cairo – Memphis -Saqqara — Great Pyramid of Giza
We begin our day with a tour of the ancient city of Memphis that lies some 12 miles south of Cairo. The ancient city is now an open air museum testifying to the magnificence of its four thousand years history. Serving Memphis lies the necropolis Saqqara a vast, ancient burial ground, featuring numerous pyramids, including the world famous Step pyramid of Djoser.
We then proceed to the Great Pyramids and the Sphinx located on the GizaPlateau. The Great Pyramids of Cheops or Khufu; of Khafre or Chephren; and of Menkaure have always loomed large as emblems of ancient Egypt and were listed as one of the Seven Wonders of the World. The Valley Temples surrounding the pyramids provide an insight to dominating religious motives of the era.Return to hotel for overnight.

Cairo city tour
start the Cairo city tour by visiting the Egyptian Museum, with its fantastic display of ancient civilization; the Mosque of Mohammad Ali’s Citadel; the old city; the Ben Ezra – Geniza Synagogue. its store room – Geniza – was found to contain over 2000 medieval, manuscripts, a collection known as the Cairo Geniza. The El Mullakah Church ( Hanging Church) one of the oldest and most famous Coptic Churches in Egypt.. Continue to the City of the Dead a four mile long grid of tombs and mausoleums where people live and work amongst their dead and ancestors. Many residents live here because they were forced from more crowded areas in Cairo or immigrated from countryside. End at Bazaar of Kahn Khalili and return for overnight at the hotel.

Cairo – Istanbul Turkey
After breakfast Transfer to the airport to catch your flight to Turkey Arriving to to Istanbul Turkey for overnight

Istanbul City Tour
Morning Visit St. Sophia, the magnificent Byzantine Church of all times; Blue Mosque, one of the biggest mosque of Istanbul famous for its blue tiles and six minarets;
Roman Hippodrome, the former center of sportive and political activities of Constantinople; Grand Covered Bazaar, a bazaar that will tempt even the non-shoppers with its rich collection of precious handmade carpets, jewelry, leather and souvenirs. after noon is free for shopping & leisure

Istanbul Bosphorus
Morning visit to the famous Egyptian Spice Bazaar An unforgettable excursion starts between two continental, Europe and Asia.The cruise rakes you along the Bosphorus, pass the European style palaces of the Ottomans, Dolmabahce and Beylerbeyi, as well as beautiful wooden kiosks from 19th century. Also mansions and modern villas which from the elegant section of the city.

Morning flight to Ankara, visit to the Anatolian Civilizations Museum at which numerous remnants from Stone Age, Neolithic Age, Hittites, Urartians, Phrygians and many others are on display; Mausoleum of Ataturk, the burial place of the national hero who founded modern Republic of Turkey. Then continue on to Cappadocia. After a picturesque trip along the Salt Lake arrive in Cappadocia. Dinner and overnight at the hotel.

Depart from the hotel at 09.30-10.00 depending on the arrival time of the participants and visit to Devrent Valley to see the unique fairy-chimneys. Drive to Pasabagi (Monk’s Valley) to see the most interesting mushroom-shaped pinnacles. In the afternoon, visit Open Air Museum in Goreme where the remains of rock-cut churches and Christian settlements date back hundreds of years and then to Kaymakli Underground City, the place where early Christians hid from persecutors. Shopping time for the well-known merits of the area before returning to the hotel.
overnight at the hotel.

Today’s ride will be fairly long and tiring due to the long distance between Cappadocia and Pamukkale and lack of convenient lodging location. Drive to Konya to visit to the Mausoleum of Mevlana, the world-wide famous mystic figure. Then continue on to Pamukkale. Dinne and overnight at the hotel.

Tour the ruins of Hierapolis including the magnificently preserved cemetery Necropolis”, the Main Street and Gates, the Thermal Baths, the Roman Theatre and the Museum. In the afternoon tour Aphrodisias, the city of Aphrodite; visit the Museum, the Temple of Aphrodite, the Theatre, the Stadium, the Agora, the Hadrian Baths, the Odeon, and the Bishop’s Palace. Proceed to the hotel in Kusadasi.
overnight at the hotel.

KUSADASI – Ephesus
Morning tour to Ephesus area with Artemis Temple, Ephesus Antique City (Hillside Houses are excluded; entrance requires additional admission fee), one of the most popular ancient sites of Turkey with many acres of carefully excavated ruins; Virgin Mary’s House, where St. Mary is supposed to spend her last years together with St. John. Selcuk Ephesus Museum. Time for shopping. Dinner and overnight at the hotel.

Early departure for Bergama and visit to the Asclepion and Acropol with the well preserved remains. In the afternoon continue on to Troy, the place where the legendary Trojan War took place as described in the historical work of Homer of Smyrna. After visiting the site with nine inhabitation levels covering a period of 3000 years, drive to Canakkale. Dinner and overnight at the hotel.

After breakfast sail to the other side of Dardanelles by a ferryboat and drive to Istanbul with visit to Gallipoli, historically famous for being the site of many battles during World War I – particularly involving the Allied Forces including Australians and New Zealanders .
drive to Istanbul airport to catch your night flight

Optional extension tours:

Greek Island & Cyprus The Aphrodite's Island needs extra days

3* hotels

4* hotels

5* hotels

Per Person in a double room w/breakfast




Optional Dinners Supp.




Single room Supp.




you can book this tour online or over the phone and pay with a credit card or money transfer

The Tour Package  includes:

– 35 days 34 nights
– Airport Pick up and transfers
– Guided tours, hotels with breakfast, sites entrance fees.
– locale Flights:  Instanbul -Ankara, Izmir -Instambul, Tel Aviv -Eilat , Sharm / Cairo- Luxor

International flights including the Athens tel aviv & Cairo -Istanbul   (when you book your flights it easy to add it or we can book it for you)
Visa & Border tax.
                               ” Tips and all other extra expenses.
                                (It’s recommended to tip guides, drivers etc.)

– In securty stituation if Sites wont be permitted
alternate sites will be visited.
– Tour itinerary may change due to operational needs.
– prices can change with out notice due to currency, fuel price, hotels and others.

Item Number: 35 Days Tour of Greece Turkey Israel Jordan Egypt

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